Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 17

The current health care problems facing our nation, and actually now jeopardizing the very health of our nation, are easily solvable if those who dictate health policy were to focus in on the key health solution, i.e., removal of sources of toxicity, as opposed to focusing on the health problem and trying to mask the problems with pharmaceuticals.

Medical health has now become an oxymoron, simply because a "health clinic" is really nothing more than a "disease and sickness clinic". No one goes to a "health clinic" to remain healthy. People only go to a "health clinic" when they get sick.

It's now time for us to regain our health by eliminating toxicity and empowering ourselves with knowledge which will allow us to really live life without becoming victims of the system dependent on misinformation. Facts On will give you the knowledge and provide you with the information you require. By taking these steps, we will all help to establish a new health community which is desperately needed today by our sick and toxic world.

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