Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 105

probiotics; there are several upcoming brands jumping into the market.

I prefer Nana (low fat) or Maya yoghurt by Alta Dena if you can find it. It is a bit more expensive, but well worth it because of the ancient cultures they use.

Nicotine and LSD show high frequency stimulation until Thursday or so, depending on where you reside on the planet. Those attempting to quit smoking may get a little boost as the interstellar frequencies provide the Frequency Equivalent™ for nicotine.

Might even be a good time to give up smoking in light of the extra charges ObamaCare piles on for those who smoke. Already in some states in the US, the tax on each pack of cigarettes is near $5.00 per. That’s enough disgust to make anyone want to stop puffing as those under ObamaCare smoking tax will mean you will now be double taxed.

Those who have experienced LSD may experience flashbacks or at least begin to remember the events associated with the participation.

Keynote for the Week of July 26th-Aug 1st, 2020

Color = Yellow represented by the note of E – advancing into the astrological sign of Leo

This would be a good time to confirm if stellar frequencies are actually influencing you. If you have any of the symptoms below today it is likely from an outside, environmental stellar influence rather than any actual physical issue with your structure.

Several vertebra frequencies are in stress:

C-2 – above the midpoint of the neck – you would notice more strain in doing close work and maybe some dull aching in this region. C-2 controls the eyes (I’ve noticed considerable more eye strain coming on), sinus issues, earaches (maybe a flare up of an old ear issue).

T-7 – upper back – slightly below where the neck attaches to the body. T-7 controls the thyroid, shoulders and elbows. Conditions such as bursitis, colds or thyroid issues may occur.

S-2 - which would likely cause a dull ache or more notice of the lower back below the belt line. S-2 is responsible for providing nerve energy to the lower legs and ankles; the big toe would be especially vulnerable.

Vertebra information was gleaned from the following links:


The Muscles in stress for this time are: the gluteus maximus-- the muscle that provides the overall shape to your behind/the muscle you sit on; and the long muscle that supports your upper and mid back, semispinalis thoracis.

Fibrin (a protein involved in blood clotting) and nattokinase (a nutrient commonly associated with blood circulation) are both coming into play at the beginning of next week.

Niacin (B3) is reported to help both of these issues. Cholesterol issues may exacerbate. People have been reporting that a combination of Red Rice Yeast and CoQ 10 have been useful in helping control cholesterol levels and blood thickening.

This is not a good week to agree to any vaccines as quercetin is stressed. Quercetin, when stressed, has been shown to be a contributing factor to vaccine reactions and stress.