Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 68

What is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) doing to make our flights safer?


In fact, pilots like Cody Flint, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently, shared that not only is the FAA ignoring this issue, his medical costs went uncovered or reimbursed by the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, and he is incapable of doing the job he loves.

Watch the interview below with Cody Flint and share our call to action today!

Call to Action

Passengers, Contact the FAA

and Airlines!

Tell them your concerns about flying and to make our flights safer:


•  Have at least one (of two) unvaccinated pilots

•  Implement thorough and effective health screening for subclinical myocarditis and neurological issues

Devise and provide a health support program for all airline staff

•      Compensate vaccine-injured pilots and staff on disability fairly to reduce the risk of staff hiding medical issues and flying with impairments to maintain their salary.

• Also, tell them that you will not fly if vaccine passports are mandated

 Email today!

Your personal concerns are essential!

•    FAA Deputy Director - Lawrence Fields

•    FAA Director of Flight Standards - David Boulter

 •    American Airlines - Robert Isom -

 •    Alaska Airlines - Ben Minicucci

•    United Airlines - Scott Kirby

•    Delta Airlines - Ed Bastian

•    Southwest Airlines - Bob Jordan


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