Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 42

weighing 176 pounds is 114 pounds of oxygen and 17 pounds of hydrogen. We need to pay more attention to our bodies instead of harming them daily with junk food, pollution, and stress.  We need to support it to perform its daily duty and to stay healthy.


Remember that pharmacological drugs cannot change anything to make you healthier.  They all have harmful side effects that can harm the body. The best richness is to be healthy and to age healthily.


Some good combinations

Coenzyme Q10 – Alpha Lipoic Acid – NADH

Coenzyme Q10 – Selenium – NADH

Coenzyme Q10- Lipoic Acid- Selenium

 For more details on how to cook food, take supplements, detoxify, read about the value of vegetables and whole cereals, how to change your diet, about good healthy recipes, read: Health and Disease Begin in the Colon, Featuring Professor Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine (Available on Amazon).


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