Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 114

For the entire month of January, the balance of iron continues to be an issue.  See last month’s column if you are experiencing fatigue. Eye muscles are stressed the entire month.

Jan 1st - through 7th   

Lower legs (ankle muscles) continue to be in stress this month.  Specifically, this week, plantaris, soleus, tibialis.  Increasing iron may be warranted – check with your wellness provider. Nutrients in stress: folic acid (especially important during pregnancy), B5 (especially good for nerves and tremors,

5HTP, magnesium cell salts, phosphatidylcholine (supports brain function), manganese, and lithium.  Eyes need for oxygen and more sunshine exposure. 

Adrenals may start to droop by the end of the week.  Thyroid stimulating hormone, open this week may contribute to further fatigue.  Migraine sufferers beware, the temporalis muscles come into stress this week.  Watch for blood thickening as the month goes on.  There are several vitamin-based blood thinners – niacin for one.

Jan 8th-14th   

Ankle muscle frequencies continue to stress.  Those trying to shed a few holiday pounds may find their efforts nonproductive because the ability to make any headway against stored fat become difficult as glucagon and leptin frequencies become Pervasive.  Iron continues to be an issue until the end of the month.  Eye issues include glaucoma along with continued issues dealing eye dilation.  Wheat sensitivities come into play mid-week.

Jan 15th-21st    

Inflammation and auto immune issues start here and continue through most of February. Pectin is a good choice now – it supports the immune system to monitor against invaders.  The eye lens becomes vulnerable this week.  Check out some good eye support nutrients.  Occuvite is a good choice.  Throat muscle stress and the diaphragm may cause breathing issues.  Muscles of the upper shoulder (muscle) come into play this week.

Jan 22nd-28th   

Inflammation continues.  Taking sulfur and or Boswellia is suggested for immune centered inflammation. Back muscles are stressed this week.  Nutrients stressed proline (collagen and connective tissue support), Vit D and B1 (thiamine).  Jaw muscles and the pecs come into stress this week.


Jan 29th-Feb 4th

Iron continues to be stressed and now involves age onset leukemia.  Nitric Oxide (aids circulation) come into stress for the next few weeks.  Extra bioflavonoids now might help ward off what is coming in February.  Allergies influencing hearing come into play until mid-February.  Elbow and forearm muscle frequencies are stressed this week.

We are all influenced by the frequencies

constantly bombarding the earth


Universal frequency influences

for January, 2023