Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 98

Feelings of fatigue would give you a clue that iron levels may be stressed.

Corona Conflicts voice analysis is now available at under CAMPAIGNS. It may provide some supporting information that you may want to share with you wellness provider.

Muscles in stress this week: elbow, great toe, lumbricals of the foot, eyelids, and jaw muscles are in stress. In addition, nitric oxide and magnesium are both in stress. Both are associated with muscle cramps. ASIDE: if you are hungry but don’t know what you want to eat, low magnesium may be the issue. Let me know if this solves any of your cravings.

The many aspects of adiponectin provides incredible support for those with stubborn thigh and butt fat. The lack of adiponectin does not allow the body to move fat deposits out of the cells. It’s great when we need to store fat for the winter but a nuisance today in our world of plenty. Adiponectin works with NAD and AMKP to regulate the biochemicals of energy balance and weight control.


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February 21 – 27, 2021

Color = Violet Red, represented by the note of B – advancing into the astrological sign of Pisces

The desire to wear your beautiful copper jewelry may emerge as copper frequencies come into play at the end of February. Copper is a great support for the immune system and inflammatory threats.

Copper can be found in shellfish, seeds, nuts, organ meats and wheat bran cereals and chocolate. Copper is especially important with 5G and Corona because it aids in iron absorption.

Muscles in stress: elbows still, toes, forearm and the palate.

Pathogens active: several strains of Borrelia (lyme).

Vitamins in stress: B3 (also known as niacin), which supports circulation, DNA, mental acuity and helps fight fatigue.

Tetrahydrobiopterin comes in play this week. It has multiple roles in human biochemistry. Its major role is to convert amino acids that control mood and energy. See Amy Yasko’s work for more information about this very important biochemical.

Feel Good Nutrigenomics by Amy Yasko

February 28 – March 6, 2021

Color = Violet Red, represented by the note of B – advancing into the astrological sign of Pisces

The last week in February brings on help with adiponectin balance but also stress from a fatty liver that can cause obesity, hormone and immune dysfunction, and insulin resistance. A fatty live can also aggravate blood pressure and heart rhythm (magnesium related). There are many wonderful liver cleansing protocols from reputable doctors online. My opinion, herbs work best.

Vitamin in stress: Biotin (associated with hair loss) is now active. Biotin helps metabolize carbs and fats needed to build. Biotin is water soluble and is found in eggs, legumes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, bananas, broccoli, and pork products. Signs of biotin deficiency include weak and thinning hair, loss of body hair; and scaly red rashes around body openings.

Muscles in stress: heart rhythm and the supinator (back of the forearm). The supinator originates from the elbow.

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