Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 9

My name is Steve Rees and I am a Harpist who travels nationally and internationally presenting beautiful calming harp music. Everywhere I go, there is such an interest in the harp and the music that I produce from it. Many people tell me they have always wanted to play the harp and some tell me that they have never seen a harp before and are amazed when I let them touch the strings and hear the sound they produce from that touch.

I am also a Registered Nurse and in 1998, I began to see and understand the amazing physiological effects of the harp music on the body as I would take my harp into the hospital and play for my patients. The music that I present on this website is an accumulation of what I have learned in the process of those years of observation and study.

This info is all about making the calming music of the harp available to a wider audience than I can reach by doing performances around the country. From the feedback I constantly receive from my listeners, I have come to realize how valuable and effective this music is. I receive emails from people around the world telling me that they couldn’t sleep well until they started playing this music, and now they sleep through the night.

These testimonies convinced me of the need to find a way to offer this music to people I may never meet in person and has lead to the creation of this website. As I have observed many amazing results from exposing people to this delightful music, I have determined to make it available to a broader audience through the marvels of the internet. Once people hear this harp music they want to take it home with them, so I have undertaken to make several CD’s, MP3 downloads and YouTube videos available to meet these requests. I am fully convinced that you will be blessed by this music as you listen.