Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 78

In DNA Dreams ~ Sounds of our Genetic Codex~, Jill Mattson creates a complex symphony of frequencies based on your molecular DNA building blocks. The overarching musical score enhances the listening experience, producing a rich sonic revelation. Cascading throughout the tracks are streams of sound from healthy DNA components.

Fibonacci-sound-spirals mirror the double helix geometry of DNA, taking you upward along the deepest pathways of your energetic scaffolds. Our genetic records are purified and reinvigorated, strengthening and infusing the very structures of our chromosomes. And since DNA is found in every cell of the body, DNA Dreams provides a Holistic Benefit for the entire self. The collection consists of 18 tracks,

55 minutes in all.

Amplifying Love and Prayers with a Drum

Learn about sound as a carrier wave. Sound combines with and amplifies Feelings and prayers. Use a drum to carry intent and feelings in between words.

Introducing Drum Instruments for Powerful Healing & Transformation

Use these Drums to

Heal, Transform, Balance

Strengthen your Nervous System

Go on a vision quest to find answers

Amplify your Prayers