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Once tagged, other parts of the immune system (B, T, NK cells) can remove or kill it. Antibodies are the most important part of the adaptive immune system. They occur in two forms: attached to a B cell, or in soluble form also called immunoglobulin (lg) in extracellular fluids such as blood plasma.

The human body’s immune system is truely a spectacular masterpiece of Nature that needs to be well nourished. Surely, this is taught in medical schools and medical advisors and officials are aware of this knowledge! So, why such a rush to inoculate millions of people and bypass all the normal safety procedures and precautionary principals that should be done with any drug or vaccine? Perhaps, because pharma and their government agents with a controlled MSM (who get 50-70% of their revenue from drug advertising) know that this virus, like all viruses, will mutate and eventually die off. Hence, in order to claim credit for the vaccine as the panacea, instead of the natural die off of a virus, such a rush is necessary.

Undoubtedly, all the pros and cons of policies will be very revealing when history looks back at what has been done in the name of Public Health.

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Many commonly reported side effects from the COVID-19 gene therapy “vaccines” appear to be caused by brain inflammation.

(NOTE: Vit D from Sunshine is far more effective than vit. D supplements.)

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Water is Mother Nature’s information carrier. During the last year, we have been impressed to pay attention to the frequencies that healthy, “wild” water transfers to us from Mother Earth and from the cosmos. Simply listening to the sound of water changes the water within us; it is no accident that a trip to the ocean, water fall, or to a healthy lake or river is invigorating and regenerative with their beneficial negative ions. When we have the chance to “immerse” ourselves in water (whether physically or just by being in its presence), the healing can be profound.

Water has an amazing way of calming our minds, but its influence goes much deeper than simple relaxation. Just listening to the sound of water is healing on many levels–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And when you immerse yourself in a body of healthy water, the effects are even more profound. In this guided meditation, a dive in the ocean will bring renewed balance and give you the opportunity to join with others in expressing gratitude for water everywhere.

Meditation for the Water

This meditation comes at a time

when the world

is in turmoil.

It is a perfect time to be still—

to honor the water

and to allow water to share its healing gifts with us.

Click HERE

to Enjoy the Meditation!