Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 41

by Lady Carla Davis, MPH

Specializing in Nutrition

In the Name

of Public Health - Part 2

The U.S. spends more than any other country on healthcare yet has more chronic health issues than any other country. Half of all adults in the U.S. have a chronic illness, and nearly half will eventually die of cancer. We are exposed to a cocktail of synthetic chemicals from birth: polluted air and water, and processed food laced with pesticides, to which we add pharmaceutical drugs, including vaccines, into the mix. (Over 54% of American children now suffer from chronic diseases.)

Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines contain multiple synthetic chemicals that should NEVER be put into the body. They are part of the reason we have skyrocketing chronic health issues that have somehow become the new “normal” in our society. But this is not normal. And science is clear: Most, if not all, of these health issues, can be linked to pharmaceutical treatments and drugs. In fact, the health care system is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. (Excerpt:

The whole foundation of vaccines is that they produce antibodies for the disease in question; but it has long been known that this does not constitute proof of immunity. And, how much long-term harm are they doing to the body’s immune system? Is it worth the high cost (billions of tax $) and health risks when there are natural, cost effective, proven methods that can build and maintain a strong immune system?

Science has long known that antibodies alone do NOT create real immunity. Some people with high levels of antibodies can be exposed to an illness and still get sick, while others without antibodies can be exposed and not get sick. Dr. Merrill Chase, nicknamed the Grandfather of Immunology for his pioneering work, did clear-cut research on this issue back in the 1950s. His results are clear; antibody levels do NOT determine immunity. Immunology textbooks were completely rewritten recently, after a University of Virginia study finally proving the link between the gut and the brain through the lymphatic system.

(The Trigger, David Icke, sourced from

According to retired neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock, MD: In the original description of herd immunity, the protection to the population at large occurred only if people contracted the infections naturally. The reason for this is that naturally-acquired immunity lasts for a lifetime. The vaccine proponents quickly latched on to this concept and applied it to vaccine induced immunity. But, there was one major problem—vaccine-induced immunity lasted for only a relatively short period (if at all) and then this applies only to humoral (body fluids) immunity. This is why they began to suggest boosters for most vaccines, even the common childhood infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella.