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Some years ago, I decided to develop a detoxification program based only on chlorella CGF extract together with a healthy diet. Of course it can be used with people who have limited time or do not wish to take many supplements as suggested in my book. This program is not recommended for patients with diarrhea or intestinal colitis that need medical care and advice. However, most peoples can use this detoxifying and rejuvenating program described in my book.

According to each person's reaction the dosage (posology) can be adjusted accordingly. Don't forget to drink plenty of pure water and fresh, organic vegetable juice to help to absorb the chlorella tablets. Vegetable broth between meals is also useful to increase the excretion of toxins via the kidneys. This article is only a short introduction of chlorella. In my book, you will find much more details about chlorella and a full detoxification program from page 216 to page 231. The purpose of this article is just to show why chlorella and its CGF extract are so important in the detoxification process. Besides detoxification chlorella is also an excellent food supplement and specially for children, who will greatly benefit from taking it. I have suggested chlorella tablets to mothers for their children, for several purposes, such as to increase energy level, gain weight, or to improve any physical debility, while also improving brain and nerve function, with its high level of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

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