Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 19

Contrary to the food we eat and grow in soil with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and other environmental pollution, chlorella grows in giant tankers with pure fresh water, much sunlight, and away from any source of pollution, on various Pacific Islands like Okinawa and Taiwan. Therefore, it may be considered as a unique non-polluted whole food. Not only is chlorella a unique complete natural food, I believe it is also a genomic food that can regenerate the whole body.


First of all, during a detoxification program we may need to supply the body with important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and this is why chlorella plays a major role. Of the 15 strains of chlorella found by scientists, the most nutritionally valuable is chlorella pyrenoidosa, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, nucleic acid, and a growth factor known as CGF. This CGF growth factor is central to chlorella’s amazing ability to promote rapid tissue repair and healing. It also protects cells against many toxic substances. It is the perfect food to nourish the body and activate detoxification of the liver, colon, and kidneys, thereby improving production and quality of red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to every organ and tissue in the body, so we need good supply. Oxygen plays an important role in the detoxification process. All green plants contain chlorophyll, and chlorella pyrenoidosa contains the highest level of chlorophyll (28.9 g\KG) of any other know plant on earth. In fact, it contains 10 times that of spirulina, about 20 times more than alfalfa, and 10 times more than barley. Thus, it provides a very high level of chlorophyll that serves many functions such as preventing anemia, fighting infections, protecting against radiation, and detoxifying.

All green leaves contain magnesium, and chlorella is very high in magnesium, which is involved in thousands of bodily functions (e.g, activates bowel movement, balances the nervous system, helps muscle function, alkalizes the body, and combats hyperactivity, neurasthenia, and fatigue, etc.).