Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 14

in the background all day as ambient music and when they do, their days go so much better.

In over 12 years of providing this lovely calming harp music, I have learned that even though I have retired from my profession as a Registered Nurse, I am still intricately involved in helping people live better lives. At the end of the day, I find more fulfillment today with my 528 Hz harp healing music than I ever did performing the hemodialysis treatments in the hospitals; where I used to just be treating a condition that I could really do nothing about, to helping change lives for the better. Now I am able to provide real solutions for better health and a fuller life.

We must remember that music is a form of energy. Music is sound waves, but it is more than just sound. It is sound at particular frequencies. Frequencies have long been known to have effects on our bodies and the correct frequencies have positive healing effects for a healthy body. In fact, there are many practitioners of music therapy that utilize these frequencies to address disease and injury for healing and wellness.

Another area of healing that music addresses is the spiritual healing that comes from the quieting and calming effects of the music. My musical odyssey began when my wife, Shirley, and I were reading about early Celtic history and there was mention of some people who were called the Peregrinnatti. These people would go out to villages and tell scripture stories accompanied by the harp. Since my wife is an incredible storyteller, we decided to put together a performance in which she would tell a story she had written, and I would accompany it with the harp to accentuate the mood of the story.

We presented “The Shepherd’s Story” at a church for the Christmas season and it was an instant success. Within a couple of years, we were traveling full time.

The story plus the music has the ability to reach into the spirit realm and bring healing at a different level than any other way.

To hear this story, go to my YouTube channel:

You may also go to Shirley’s webpage: for more audio stories to hear.

More information is being made available through the internet and alternative health practitioners that are helping people discover alternative ways and methods to treat illness through various energy applications, music therapy being one of them.

A whole new approach to medicine is being called “Integrative Medicine” that is exploring and offering these alternative forms of healing and allowing the client to choose which route they would like to pursue.

The truth is that we don’t have to be so dependent on the allopathic medical system in order to have optimal health. There are many choices we can make to ensure a more thriving lifestyle rather than leave ourselves dependent on the medical system and wait for them to come up with the answers for us to feel better.

I’m not saying we don’t need the medical system; rather that we can do many things ourselves to minimize our need for it. Thank God it is there when we need it, but let’s not “need” it so much!I