Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 12

The book of Psalms in the Bible is probably the most commonly read because it contains many passages that are comforting for those going through difficult circumstances and inspiring for many who can identify with someone who has conquered difficult events and come out on top of them. I try to interpret the music to reflect the mood of the words as I think the original music would have.

As I began to share this lovely music, I was amazed at how it was received and the comments that I was getting from so many that were really being affected positively by the music. One person wrote that they had been so upset when their mother had passed away, but somehow, this music had brought them peace and calm which helped them through the ordeal. Many others have written similar testimonies.

This 528 Hz harp healing music has so many benefits to it as is judged by the comments I receive. Many people tell me that before they found my website, they could never sleep through the night. When they started listening to the music I have on the website and YouTube , they started sleeping through without any interruptions.

I have received many comments of this nature.

Others who are cancer patients with difficult pain management issues, told me that the music of the harp has helped them manage their pain so much better and made their struggle bearable. Others are convinced that the music actually helped them to heal so much faster and better.

Many comments I have received, especially throughout this pandemic issue we are currently facing, tell me that they have been able to be so much calmer and quieted. People tell me that their level or stress and anxiety have been greatly reduced. They say that their days are now manageable with listening to my music. Some have even told me that they play my music

He established very effectively that the treatment of contaminated water samples with 528 Hz sound would correct the molecular structure of that sample, bringing it back to its pure water structure. Since the human body is about 75-80% water, what he discovered is directly applicable to human physiology.

With the understanding from Dr. Emoto about 528 Hz frequency, I began to tune my harp using the 444 Hz for the calibration A note instead of the concert standard of 440 Hz. This brought the C note from 523 Hz up to 528 Hz, which then had that lovely note sound throughout the music if I played in the Key of C or F major. I have found that playing in those keys with that tuning has been almost revolutionary! I believe that this 528 Hz harp healing music has been the key to what has followed in my new profession as a harpist.

As a Registered Nurse that performed acute hemodialysis treatments in the hospital setting, I started taking my small harp into the hospital and playing it for my patients while the 3-hour treatment was in process to help pass the time. Very quickly I began to notice positive changes in their physiological functions. Heart rates would come down; oxygen saturations would increase; blood pressures would settle down; those who couldn’t’ sleep started sleeping; those who had pain medication that was not working started feeling relief from the pain.

All of these observations helped me along this path of discovering how I could record my harp music in specific frequencies that would be beneficial to those who listened to the music. It also brought me into the understanding of how to transcribe the musical chord progressions from the original Hebrew text of the Psalms of David and bring them into compositions on the harp. David’s Psalms were, after all, songs that were commonly known in his day.