Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 110

Introducing Zen Orb

“Zen orb is such a powerful tool. Since incorporating it into my meditations, it has helped ground me and enabled me to reach a deeper state of consciousness more effectively. Having this tool has helped reduce my overthinking brain whilst initiating my mindfulness practice. The weight and the shape of the zen orb in your hands is so calming and really makes you feel at ease whether you’re meditating or feeling a little anxious or highly strung. I can’t recommend zen orb highly enough! Thank you zen orb team”.

- Ally

Zen Orb client

Zen Orb is a conscious living & energetic healing toolkit, designed to reduce stress, anchor you in present moment awareness and complement your home, office, studio and clinical mindfulness practice.

Zen Orb is created by a Sydney, Australian based couple who combined their joy, passion, training and professional skill in meditation and energetic medicine to innovate a mindfulness toolkit and educational platform for every person to experience more presence, grounding and light in their lives.

The Zen Orb Toolkit is ecological and multipurpose, designed to complement your sacred space, altar, temple, home, office, yoga and meditation studio, clinic and energetic healing practice.

Zen Orb in love

Did you know copper is the metal of VENUS! The planet of the divine Goddess & divine LOVE!

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