Masters of Health Magazine December 2020 - Page 26

Mounted on rooftops, utility poles, and streetlights throughout China since last year are hundreds of thousands of high-tech wireless towers for 5G, a powerful sign of the country's ambition to lead in new technology. Yet many of them are operational for only half the day.

Chinese officials are automatically turning off the 5G towers, due to lack of use, for the evening. Therefore, even if someone did want to use the service, they would be unable to. The lack of use of the 5G cell towers simply does not justify the enormous cost.

Another former official warned in a recent speech that China’s 5G push could become a failed investment.

"In fact, human societies do not have an urgent need for 5G," said Huawei's founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, "What people need now is broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband."

Broadband consists of cables which can include copper or fiber optics. Fiber optics delivers internet at the speed of light, harbors the connection in the ground away from wind and severe weather conditions, eliminates the risk of fire hazards, removes harm to human and wildlife from radiation, and reduces the risk of hackers and security issues. Clearly, 5G networks, with their need for high density installations, close proximity to neighborhoods, and indoor installation in office buildings at such a high cost and poor return, are not worth it.

Have ATT and Verizon decided to drop 5G mmWave "Smart" City technology in residential areas?

In July ATT announced their 5G Sub6 coverage and in October of 2020 Verizon announced their DSS 5G plan which supports Sub6 coverage. Both are simply upgraded 4G technology, not the mmWave technology (that many also previously called 5G) that requires small cell towers every 600 feet in our neighborhoods.

Verizon, however, asserted they would be continuing to install (5G) mmWave technology (and the close proximity cell towers) in New York, San Francisco, other cities, and in stadiums, parks, and landmarks.

Does this mean that their companies will no longer push these cell towers in our neighborhoods?

Citizens are requesting that ATT and Verizon abandon the expensive, inefficient, close proximity, high density, harmful 5G mmWave technology everywhere and redirect to safety-tested fiber optics instead. Residents who want better internet access may ask their local officials to direct any federal funding and local investments into

fiber optics.

Click here to sign the petition to ATT and Verizon today.

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