Masters of Health Magazine December 2020 - Page 116

Zen Orb invites you to the world of precious and healing metals to complement your crystal and metaphysical tool collection, altar, temple, clinic, sacred space, office, yoga studio, home, school and social setting.

Mindfulness at your fingertips

Zen Orb Toolkit includes:

1. The original copper ball, Zen Orb, 100% pure solid copper, 50mm.

2. Bespoke ecologically designed Zen Display Box for your home, studio & office.

3. Bespoke ecologically designed Zen display stand.

4. Zen Orb e-book & manual on Zen Orb's magnitude of uses, self-healing techniques & benefits, written by master energy healers (community of Zen practitioners).

5. Ongoing Zen Orb energy healing & mindfulness educational support on our blog, email and social media.

6. Add-ons are included in our campaign and will be launched on Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

7. Exclusive access to pre-sales of up and coming innovations to be released.

Zen Orb Is NOW available on


Give a gift of health. invite zen orb to your home, office, yoga,

mindfullness pratice AND sacred space...

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