Masters of Health Magazine December 2020 | Page 86

So, is this product organic?

You can use Pulverize for organic gardening...but it doesn't say it on the label. How weird is that?! Actually, it's part of our marketing strategy.

Too many people doubt the effectiveness of organic weed killers due to years of ineffective products souring users' experience.

So we've deliberately left that information off the product in the hopes that we can bring customers to organics after seeing how effective our product is first. But again, it is approved for organic gardening.


pulverize verb

pul•ver•ize | pəl-və-ˌrīz

Definition of pulverize

transitive verb

1: to reduce (as by crushing, beating or grinding) to very small particles

2: annihilate, demolish

Alternative to Glyphosate