Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 107

What We Have Learned

by Steve Rees, Ret. RN, Harpist

In the past 2 years, we have been coerced and mandated into following a course of public health policy that is now proving to be increasingly falling apart and against what true science is proving in published study after study. I have been following multiple information sources through the whole process and have not compiled them into links to follow as I usually do. Instead, I am going to present my impressions and analysis of where things stand as I see them.   

My impressions were clarified recently as we were in South Dakota attempting to purchase tickets to tour the Jewel Cave National Monument. As we walked up to the door, we were met with a sign that stated the masks were required on the premises. After clarification with the ranger in charge, we were told that the health authority of the county we were in had made the decision. This was very surprising as we had just visited Yellowstone National Park and no masks were required with many more people present.

The next day at Mt. Rushmore, we encountered the same thing. This time I called the county commissioner to get the whole story. Surprisingly, they said there was no such ruling for their county. I then contacted a ranger at Mt. Rushmore and explained the situation to him. He then told me that the masks were being required by the Department of the Interior because the county’s case rate had passed a threshold that they determined justified instituting the mask policy. The confusion that has been a hallmark of the political leadership from the start of this whole experience appears to continue unabated.

This policy was even more bewildering in the face of at least 20 published studies, all verifying that not only do masks not provide the protection that people think they do, but they also produce harmful side effects; higher CO2 levels to breath, fungus build up, bacterial buildup, and others. These problems are even more impacting as most people who still wear masks do not change them out at appropriate time intervals.

I don’t want to get stuck on masks, but I have been amazed to see people still driving their cars alone with a mask on. I talked with a fellow along side a road I was driving recently, noting that he had a mask on and obviously had just stopped to rest from peddling his bike. I took the opportunity to explain to him that he might have an easier time riding his bike if he took the mask off, especially since he was outdoors by himself. He responded that he hadn’t even thought about the mask; he was just used to it.

The injection is still being pushed by the various health departments of most countries around the world. Over 400 studies have determined that they are not safe or effective. In fact, it is being discovered in multiple societies that they do not prevent the disease or keep it from spreading. The public has been witnessing an increase in injection injuries and deaths. We are also seeing more people admitted into the hospital after having received the injection than those who have not been injected.

The amazing thing is that governments are still buying more doses even after they have had to discard current supplies because their citizens have become more reticent to carry on with the recommended course set out by the health departments.