Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 50

The spleen is thus classified as being the Earth element. It is called the center, and being at the center is said to have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body.

The quality and quantity of muscle and flesh are governed by the spleen. If the spleen is functioning well, the muscle will be full, well-toned, and strong. If the spleen energy is deficient, as a result of poor production of energy and blood by the spleen, there will be a tendency to become physically (muscularly) weak and fatigued. And because muscle mass tends to diminish, people with severe spleen energy deficiency tend to become very thin and emaciated. The spleen must be strengthened in all wasting diseases.

For this reason, people who develop condition of diarrhea, a symptom of weak spleen, become extremely fatigued within days and begin to lose weight if the condition is not remedied quickly. Chronic digestive weakness will likewise result in chronic fatigue.

Those who wish to build muscle need strong Spleen energy, achievable through the practice of Qi Gong as well as by using tonic herbs such as Ginseng, Astragalus root and Gynostema, famous for strengthening the spleen and as a result, creating an appropriate internal environment for building healthy muscle.

Balanced Diet, Protein-Rich 

Every human being can benefit from the Ki Train Method. In terms of dieting, we think that each person is different and has different demands at various points in their lives.

Only eat when you are truly hungry. This makes it possible for the body to voice. Our body's cravings will let us realize what it needs.

In addition to regular exercise, animal proteins are necessary for maintaining muscles. Our diets should include eggs, meat, and for some people, dairy items as frequently as possible.

(Editor’s note: Cows dairy can be problematic for some people.  For them it is best avoided.)


We avoid canned ingredients because fresh foods are more nutritious and don’t have additives or preservatives. Our objective is to have a well-functioning body without following any particular diet. We avoid food that contain any type of toxins. In this respect, we choose to spend 99% of our shopping time in the supermarket's raw food aisles, preferably organic. We prefer fresh food over frozen food because low temperatures destroy some of the nutrients.

Don’t take shortcuts (NO supplements)

Unless you are participating in a body building contest, we recommend to stay away from unnatural food, including synthetic supplements, various proteins powders, and other products that promise a fast result.  When you choose to use supplements, you might get faster to the desired “looks,” but your liver won’t be your friend anymore. The hierarchy of needs for an individual should always rank their health as the top priority.

The Practice of Internal Martial Arts

Combined with classical Chinese medicine, martial arts have evolved into a new direction, to promote health and longevity. This is what is referred to as ‘internal’ or ‘energy’ martial arts, used mainly for self-healing. As I like to say in my classes, martial arts were originally created for killing, but somewhere along the way, they became initiated towards a higher purpose, on the path of self-healing.

Internal martial arts are mainly practiced for health improvement but this doesn’t mean they cannot be used in combat. All martial artists tend to be healthier than non-practitioners, whether their practice is internal or external.