Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 48

Strong Muscles Delay Aging

Maintaining Muscle Strength through

the Ki Train Method Slows Aging

by Teodor Ardeleanu

Fearing aging?

Maintain a strong physique!

The muscles are under the control of the mind. They act as a physical representation of our inner strength. Without our muscles, we are without power. The muscles represent the work that must be done and the assignments that must be finished in order to progress.

Muscles stand for strength and progress. When we are unable to act, the body takes this as a sign of futility and starts to degenerate. We age more quickly when we are purposeless, and even when we do have a purpose, if our muscles are not in good shape, we won't be motivated to carry it out.

A Person's Mental Condition is Seen in Their Muscles.

All of our experiences and related emotions are imprinted on the muscles. Our physical state completely mirrors our emotional state, whether it be calm, agitated, or relaxed.  The ideas and attitudes we express will shape the muscles that form our entire body.

Depression, pessimism, or concerns will create tension and rigidity. In contrast, if we are joyful and hopeful, our muscles will be firm and flexible. 

Two-Way Interaction of Muscles and Mind

Our thoughts and feelings, as well as less obvious subconscious programs operating in the background, have an impact on our muscles.

However, the process is bidirectional. That's what encourages us to practice muscle maintenance as part of our everyday routine. Over time, taking care of the muscles will enable us to think and feel better. We simply become stronger and more balanced mentally.

“Total” Work-Out

Every muscle is essential for anti-aging. The Ki Train Method for Anti-Aging is not solely about the looks, but to ensure a perfect functionality of all muscles. 

Our own categorization is mentioned below:

ACTIVE - Muscles that are actively employed when performing direct tasks like walking, lifting, pushing, or pulling 

PASSIVE - The articulations, joints, and bones are surrounded by and supported by them.

OTHER - such as those in the internal organs, face, mouth, and eyes.

We should embrace the idea that exercise is something we can do at any age. There is a workout for each of us. Some people enjoy running, hiking, bodybuilding at a gym, participating in team sports or enjoying sports alone.