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Masters of Health multi-media magazine provides articles and advertising to help people live happier, healthier lives. It offers wide range of topics to keep our readers healthy, wealthy and wise in body, mind and spirit, as well as nutrition, healthy weight loss, psychology, spirituality and more.

Masters of Health is the only multimedia magazine that makes you feel good while you read it, with interactive content, meditations, wisdom, poetry, energy medicine and other healing modalities, as well as Reiki infused art and infortainment.

It is distributed online only (with the print-on-demand option) to over 100,000 subscribers nationwide, and 20,000,000 readers on a virtual featured newsstand.

Masters of Health Magazine brings together select alternative health voices of the local, national and international holistic practitioners, whose perspective and expertise offer evidence of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Our goal is to create and gather the most meaningful innovative research and health related information together as a service to give our readers the tools to empower and educate themselves. We believe that a healthier more bountiful future awaits.

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POWERFUL, INTERACTIVE, INFORMATIVE,Masters of Health Online Magazine is overtaking the ‘lame-stream media’ and ‘fake news’ that has enslaved everyone with deadly lies. And best of all, it is available for FREE at the click of your mouse“.
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

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